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 Footbag Net Dictionary

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PostSubject: Footbag Net Dictionary   Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:17 am

Ace=a (cross-court) serve winning a point that your opponent is unable to kick.
Back kick= a kick performed with the outside kicking surface that, in relation to the direction or position of your hips, is BEHIND you; it is generally used when an opponent's shot goes so deep you don't have a chance to shuffle your feet back quickly enough, so you have to reach behind you for the bag with an outside kick.
Bat Back (batting back)= using the first kick to send the bag back over to your opponent's side of the net
rather than setting your partner (or yourself if in a singles game)
Bump= a pass to your partner off of your opponent's serve (e.g., "You need to control your bumps.")
Dig= a saving kick performed by a member of Team B immediately after a spike by a member of Team A
Dink= a shot hit over the net that lands as close to the net as possible with as little net clearance as possible
Flying/Jumping Spike= any spike during which your support (jumping) leg leaves the ground during your swing
Going "On One"= setting your partner for a spike off of your team's first kick, so that the resulting spike happens on the 2nd kick.
Foul= making contact with your opponent on your opponent's side of the net, resulting in a side out.
Joust= when players from opposing teams jump with the intent to spike the same bag; an aerial battle for supremacy
Kept dig= a dig of an opponent's spike that you control on your side of the net so that your partner has a chance to spike or set you back (i.e., not "losing" the dig to your opponent)
Kill= an undiggable spike need to
Line= term referring to the sideline or baseline of the court (noun); may also be used to describe a shot's placement near the line
Net Foul= a foul resulting in a side out occurring when any part of a player's body touches the net, the net posts, or the guidelines (strings holding the net in place) during a point AND up to 2 seconds after the point ends.
Point= a rally won by the team that served to start the point
Rally Scoring= a game or match style, gaining recent acceptance, in which the winner of every rally gets a point. Removed the need for a team to be serving in order to score a point. Rally scoring games usually go to 21 points (first team to get to 21)
R Party= slang; refers to the complete domination of your opponent
Reception= returning the opponent's serve, also called serve (or service) return
Save= to keep a rally with a good defensive play (e.g., coveing a dink, or scrambling around the court)
Set= a kick whose trajectory ends near the net and is a favorable opportunity for a spike; usually about 10-15 feet high, with a gentle arch or straight up and down trajectory.
Shank= a kick with an unintended resultSide Out= A rally that is won by the team NOT serving
Side-Out Scoring=the typical scoring system of tournament play, wherein you can only win a point when your team started the point by serving. A rally won by the team NOT serving is called a side out. No point is scored, but the rally winning team gets a chance to serve for the next point.
Standing Spike= any spike performed with the support leg planted on the ground during the spiking motion (usually involves the player keeping the ball of the foot on the ground and pivoting during the swing motion)
Tape= the top part of the net
Touch= the amount of control and placement you have over your kicks (e.g., "I have good touch today")
Up= a call made to one's partner to alert them that you have made a good dig or save and that they need to kick next
Window= the expected zone in which the player wants the set to pass through (e.g., "Dude, you set the wrong window.")
1-2-3= a controlled, offensive play wherein a team uses all of their 3 allotted kicks to set up a bump-set-spike
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Footbag Net Dictionary
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