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 Train Mental Toughness with These Techiques

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PostSubject: Train Mental Toughness with These Techiques   Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:03 am

Do you have what it takes to be a champion? The quickest method to achieving session-to-session consistency and one's highest level of performance is the development of the following skills. If you don't consciously train these, you're practice time is likely being wasted.

1. Visualization skills: use your mental movies prior to every session/ tournament to imagine yourself peaking.

2. Positive self-talk skills: keep yourself motivated and positive during every moment of court time, through the ups and downs.

3. Breathing techniques: breathe to stay relaxed, to stay in the present, to stay calm under distress.

4. Goal setting: set a goal that is measureable and within your control for each session.

5. Pre-performance rituals: be prepared mentally and physically each session by following your warm up routine

6. Posture awareness: control the energy you give off and make it positive energy.

7. Post-performance review: let go of the bad, file away the good for later recall

8. Anger management skills: handling frustration with goal-setting and centering.

9. Mistake management skills: deal with the events that are out of your control by affirming that fact, and letting go.

10. Momentum skills: allow yourself to use momentum to improve your performance.

11. Psych-out/heckler management skills: deal appropriately with rude opponents/players/audience members rather than bottle anger

12. Coach communication skills: have clear, open dialogue with your team to minimize frustration.

13. Contingency plans: have a back-up strategy, and know when to implement it. May require overt communication with team member.

14. Practice your performance: practice the way you want to play when it counts.

15. Time management skills: use your court time efficiently and with purpose

Which ones apply to you? Which ones will you consciously work towards during THIS tournament season?
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Das Boot

Das Boot

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PostSubject: Re: Train Mental Toughness with These Techiques   Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:15 pm

Sweet list Jer. Did you come up with this on your own? Because it's pretty damn comprehensive of all the mindfucks that could ruin one's game. I think all of these are important to practice (and I hope to master them all sooner than later), but the 'mental movies' is one that is particularly important. If you can visualize yourself doing well before a session or match, then it goes a long way to improving your performance. Check this out:
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Sergeant Sucky

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PostSubject: Mental Toughness   Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:28 pm

I highly recommend getting the book "Playing Out of Your Mind" by Dr. Alan Goldberg. It is a mental training book used for soccer, but everything can be applied to footbag. It was my bible as a player and took my game to different levels. Footbag is an incredibly mental game, and by taking the techniques in the book and putting them into practice, I'm sure that anyone who 'trains' it, will see improvements in their game. The main thing about the book is that it is not so much a book for reading, but a book for doing. You must train yourself to be mentally tough in any sport, the same way you would practice your skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Train Mental Toughness with These Techiques   

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Train Mental Toughness with These Techiques
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