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 Adventures in Chico

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Sergeant Sucky

Sergeant Sucky

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PostSubject: Adventures in Chico   Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:49 pm

So Josh da jerk was the first to visit me up in Chico. It was done in usual Chaos 2.0 fashion, with a small amount of productivity (heading down to the Bidwell park river), followed by copious amounts of drinking. It was a successful day/night of crunkness and I do believe we discovered a sister pub to the Kerry house in Duffy's tavern. I'm not sure if we made it to Banshees where they serve Schlitz, but if not then next time we'll have to make a stop at the end of the night. There were several bars hit on the way to Crunkville, which led to a nice little Sunday morning hangover. I was up at 7 am to head to Davis where our Chico State women's team played at 11. After a morning puke, dark sunglasses, lots of gatorade, and a few ibuprofen, it was all in all a successful game against a Division I school, despite losing 2-1. A successful trip for Josh I'm sure as he had one job for the weekend and that was to get all muffin. I'm looking forward to the next one and more visitors from the bay in the near future.

In footbag news, I'm hitting the wall so I can get even suckier until I find some good recruits for Chico Footbag Club. Booyah.
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Adventures in Chico
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