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 On training Net AND Takraw

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PostSubject: On training Net AND Takraw   Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:49 pm

It is no secret that I have aspirations, albeit different in scope, of achieving a high level of play in footbag net and Sepak Takraw. I have been told by people who play both that it is not possible to get both, that one must choose a sport to master. While this MAY be true, I am holding out. There are parallels between the sports that allow for quicker development in the non-primary sport (assuming a player practices developing "touch" with the ball of the non-primary sport during off the court time). I may add to this later, but for now I find it interesting that my touch with a footbag is beginning to transfer over to Takraw. It is worth mentioning that practicing kicking, setting, and taking pace off of a takraw ball will probably aid a net player's service return development, specifically in the areas of 1) "deadening" the pace of the ball and 2) using (but not adding to) the speed of the serve while manipulating the angle of the kicking foot's surface to bump the footbag precisely to one's partner.

The takraw ball is a lot livelier that a footbag and when it is kicked hard at you, you must achieve a digging position with your foot/leg that allows for meeting the ball with minimal kicking motion. Most of the leg motion in the dig happens before the ball actually gets to the contact point. This same principal applies to digging a footbag. Digging a fast net spike can typically be achieved by meeting the bag with the foot, where minimal differences in the angle of the kicking foot/ankle will send the ball straight up, backward, or forward. You don't have to actually kick a footbag very hard to dig it. Although I learned this lesson first with a footbag and am translating it into takraw skill, the same could happen for a player who learned takraw first or who is learning/practicing both simultaneously.

Lastly, with footbag, since the ball is so small there are many players who rely on one, two, or three kicks as opposed to achieving proficiency with all four. One reason for this may be that our ball is so small that it is EXTRA hard to develop the coordination necessary to accuractely control kicks with it. Since takraw balls are larger, a net player might be able to more quickly achieve proficiency with an underused kick by using a takraw ball to practice it.

There are certainly a lot of differences between the two sports and many people will probably disagree with some of my above thoughts, but this is a preliminary analysis. Probably the best reason to play takraw is because it is very fun.
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On training Net AND Takraw
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