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 7 Player formats

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PostSubject: 7 Player formats   Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:14 pm

Ok guys,

I soon think that this will be a problem of the past, and the new problem will actually be 11. Won't that be a sweet problem to have. In the meantime, I like some of ideas I have heard are good.

So it always comes to having 2 on 1 off then 2 on two off.

Maybe we count how many practices a players make the previous month and the 2 players with the lowest attendance with the lowest numbers are the players who have to sit 2 on 2 off every other rotation.

Maybe we make singles madatory for B court, so players have to play singles those two games off not just sitting. I hate singles but it would affect me, because I will never be this player I already know that. We don't have any designated singles time, Just an idea.

Maybe players that RSVP first get priority, although usually someone who bails out make it 7, I could see this for the mystery 7th player who just shows up randomly.
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7 Player formats
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